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World's First PQC Collaboration Suite

Enterprise grade security without compromises in convenience. Focus on building your company while Polynom handles the defence with unrivalled post-quantum cryptography and propietary security.

Quantum Resistant Collaboration

Polynom is a future-facing collaboration platform that uses the latest post-quantum cryptography (PQC) to protect your data from even the most powerful quantum computers. Polynom is CNSA Suite 2.0-compliant and uses a variety of security protocols, including AES-256 encryption, CRYSTALS-Kyber-1024 key exchange, SHA-512 secure hashing, and CRYSTALS-Dilithium5 digital signatures. Polynom also offers Social Encryption™ and Quantum Rooms™, which provide additional layers of security and ranks among the most secure collaboration applications.

  • AES-256
  • Social Encryption™
  • SHA-512
  • Leighton-Micali Signature (LMS)
  • CRYSTALS-Kyber-1024

    FIPS 203

  • CRYSTALS-Dilithium5

    FIPS 204

  • CNSA Suite 2.0 Compliant

    Social Encryption™

    Social Encryption ("SE") is a quantum-resistant technology, allowing 1:n people to communicate E2EE across a network without manual key exchange. Any offline or online source of data can be used to initiate a symmetric key exchange, including passphrases, images, or any other files. By using shared experiences and knowledge to communicate E2EE, the network does not know that any data has been exchanged.

    Social Encryption is a "rolling cipher" algorithm, meaning each row of entropy is derived from a separate source that's compounded into the final result - an AES-256 shared key. The final AES-256 key is used for end-to-end encrypting all content between parties. SE keys are identified across the network using an SHA-512 hash derived from an HMAC (hash-based message authentication code). This allows parties involved to know which SE key to use for the decryption without revealing any of the entropic data or secrets used to derive the SE keys.

    Quantum Rooms™

  • Temporal

    Based on quantum entanglement, the content in Quantum Rooms only exists as long as 1:n individuals view it. When the last user leaves, content self-destructs and the room ceases to exist. Quantum Rooms automatically merge disappearing content and private rooms without manually inviting users or managing authorizations.

  • Autonomous

    Quantum Rooms are unique because they do not exist in the traditional sense. They are not created, and users are not invited to join them. Instead, they exist solely based on shared secrets and digital presence. This means that team members can discuss and share confidential data without worrying about manual deletion or expiration rules.

  • Anonymous

    Users without Social Encryption keys will not be able to see any Quantum Rooms, even if they exist. This means that someone could host an "Empty Server" without channels or rooms, and nobody would know about it. Only users with matching keys would be able to see which Quantum Rooms are available.


    Collaborate with ease and unrivalled flexibility


    Secure with both private and public networks

    Introducing Graphatars™

    Polynom uses cryptographically derived avatars, which are unique images that are generated from your keypair. These avatars can be used to visually represent you on Polynom, but they can also be used for more advanced security analysis. The use of cryptographically derived avatars provides an additional layer of security for Polynom users. By analyzing the hash and identifier of a Graphatar, it is possible to verify the authenticity of a user's identity and to detect potential threats.


    Graphatars are rendered as layered images that allow users to quickly identify if they are speaking to the intended person. This makes Graphatars the first line of defense against phishing and identity theft by minimizing the likelihood of impersonation.

    Millions of users are tricked into revealing their personal information or passwords, which can be used to impersonate them or steal their accounts.

    Goodbye phishing

    Each Graphatar is unique and linked to the user's key pair. You can verify someone's identity by their public key or simply by looking at their avatar.

    No sign-ups or PII

    You can create new IDs in seconds without providing any personally identifiable information (PII).

    Full ownership

    Your IDs are locally managed and owned, so you can take them with you wherever you go. You can switch servers or platforms and still have access to all of your data and progress.

    Role-based access

    Polynom allows users to federate their identities across disparate servers, providing user authentication and non-repudiation.

    Over 15 decillion variants

    Use-cases for every industry

    You can port your own assets into Polynom's Graphatar engine to generate verified bank cards, employee chips, virtual cards, membership cards, apartment complex passes, or even national IDs.



    Our theming engine is designed to let you express yourself in a personalized way. You can choose from pre-created templates or create your own from scratch.

    Icon Sets

    You can easily change the font weight of your text. You can choose from bold, light, or medium, and you can also import your own fonts.

    Enhanced Readability

    Reduce eye strain and read comfortably with a variety of custom fonts.

    Fun Shapes

    Our platform supports a variety of fun shapes that you can use to transform your rows, UI, containers, and profiles.

    Modular UI

    Polynom gives you the power to customize almost every detail of your experience. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen with our customization engine.

    What We Offer

    Manage smaller communities and personal groups

    Designed for small groups and communities that want to take control of their own data. Self-host your content, secure your communications, and protect your privacy.

    Community - Free Download »

    *Terms apply, read more

    Take your professional matters to the next level

    Designed for professionals, hosts, and content creators who need a highly scalable platform to manage servers with up to millions of users/subscribers.

    Professional - See Pricing »

    Secure critical enterprise ops and boost efficiency

    Purpose-built for companies that need a secure and compliant communication platform. It offers a variety of features that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

    Enterprise - Contact Us »



    Our CaaS and PQC Solutions in Action

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